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inside job. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and gasia mikaelian, we begin with developing news. a tug boat leaked oil and fuel into the petaluma river. some things are still in question, including how much oil spilled. >> reporter: just a short time ago we spoke to people from the department of fish and game. we're over here by the petaluma bridge, just a short time ago we could see smart plumes of oil. we are upstream from where that leak occurred. but the tide pushed it inland. the fire batallion chief does
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say that they are worried about environmental impact. officials say that the sheen right now is estimated to have spread across about a 2-mile area. we could see the gear oil floating on the surface up and down the river. for about nine hours, the fire department has been placing booms frying booms -- trying to keep it from spreading. >> the area where the leak started from, boomed off, we're also currently working the spill into the basin which is the area of the downtown area of petaluma. >> right now a clean up crew has been called in to try to get the oil out. the department of fish and game is investigating whether the alameda based company called trc which was responsible for the boat followed the proper procedures and had the proper permits. a spokesman for the fish and
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game department says they have managed to contain the oil upstream from the petaluma marina. you can see that the water is moving and they are concerned that it is going to spread from two to three or so sensitive areas. they have not had reports of affected wildlife. they will be keeping an eye on the area. a flightening robbery at six flags. because of how they did it, there's questions if they had help from the inside. rob roth has our report. >> reporter: police investigators say they are not yet sure whether the robbery here at six flags discovery kingdom was an inside job, but the robber sure seemed to know
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a lot about the operation here. police say the robbery happened inside six flags at about 11:00 last night, hours after the park had closed and all guests had left. >> two armed suspects that were inside the park, they were dressed with black hooded sweatshirts, they had a bandana over their faces, so you couldn't see what they looked like. they were armed with semi automatic handguns. >> reporter: who men had locked in an employee only area to get inside. they then pointed their guns at employees who had been gathering bags of cash from around the park. then the gunmen yelled at them. >> get down opbd ground, get down on the ground. >> reporter: park officials say there are no surveillance cameras where the robbery occurred but there are near by. >> we are told that there may have been some surveillance
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cameras, and we're looking to see if they may have been caught on tape. >> reporter: a hold up occurred at a parking tow area and money was taken, six flags says it is reviewing the security proceed procedures. hughes body was found in the bushes behind a parking lot being used for overflow parking. the body wasn't found until this morning. >> there's all kind of shell casings found in and around the parking lot itself. investigators are in there
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collecting evidence. the board of directors of the chamber of commerce has endorsed meg whitman for governor. but in response, the president of the university of california suspended their board membership. he says he is against the board getting involved with electoral debates. brown also made campaign appearances today in los angeles and in sacramento. this afternoon here in the bay area, brown campaigned among a labor day crowd in alameda. christien kafton is right now, he is live now with this report, khristien. >> it's a beautiful day, it's either the unofficial end of summer or the unofficial beginning of the campaign
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period. it's a time for can dates to candidates to see or be seen. >> with the eight weeks to go, we're going to put ads on the radio and television. we'll campaign throughout the state and i'm convinced that on november 2nd, people are going to pick a path that will unite people not divide them. >> as governor who cut waste, got rid of the mansion and the limo. >> reporter: jerry brown today touted his experience. meg whitman is continuing her on air campaign talking about her experience growing ebay from a small business to a major corporation. former uc berkeley political science professor ray wolfinger says, viewers can expect a lot more tv ads over the next few weeks.
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>> people at home may expect to see more tv ads that he or she wants to. >> reporter: the increase of ads coinsides with labor day. labor day marks a time when many vacation ers return home and begin paying attention to the campaign. wolfinger expects brown's name will keep her competitive. >> reporter: political science expert says the key in this case as with all california races will be winning the so called independents who may just now be plugging in to the upcoming campaign season. we're live in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a recent usa today poll suggests voters are increasingly unhappy with
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democrats. the poll also found dissatisfaction with incumbents in general. 15% said they would favor a republican incumbent. with temperatures in the 80s, it was a good day to go to the beach in alameda, let's take a peak at what it looked like out in crown beach. you can see lots of people out enjoying a day of sunshine. the beach was crowded but not jam packed on this last holiday of the summer. the weather has been too little too late for many. they've been waiting for weather like this but hasn't shown up. rita williams has our report. >> reporter: that's right mike, for most of us we think of labor day as the unofficial end of summer. but for most of us here in the bay area this year, summer
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never really began. >> it's been freezing. >> this is the first time we've had in a long time, so it's nice. >> it's like you think you're going to have a warm day and you get up and it's like, wow. it's cold. >> reporter: they're right it has been unusually cold this summer. san francisco's average high temperature for june, july and august was 64.7 degrees. that's 3.7 degrees below normal. making this the coolest summer in the city in 11 years. and the summer that never was wasn't just here, meteorologists say most of california had lower than normal temperatures. take august in san jose, an average of 78.9 degrees, more than 5 degrees below normal and
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the coolest august in 19 years. average temperatures in sacramento, los angeles and san diego also were below normal. why? >> we've had or the west coast this big broad trough of low pressure that's kept us cool. >> we found a few folks out here happy with the cooler weather. >> it's nice, i actually like the overcast, i like the fog, you know. it keeps gods eyes off of me. yeah. >> reporter: happy to be home for this weather, california senior senator who's had quite enough of the unusually hot weather in washington, d.c. >> i love this, i love it when the fog comes in. >> reporter: but as you see here, there is no fog yet this labor day, a warmer day than we've been having, and most people off work to enjoy it. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams. it is interesting how the summer is just about over and we have sol -- we have some of the best weather we've had all summer. >> we're coming to our warmest
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time of year. fall is oftentimes some of our highest temperature, warmest city temperatures in san francisco usually occur this time of year. let me show you what's been going on, we eluded to this earlier. there's a low pressure sitting out here, the jet stream has been coming in underneath us in a trough formation. that creates a winter type pattern. this is what we should be seeing. a ridge of high pressure. that's what should be normally happening in the warm summer months. what's going to happen is this thing is going the set up again, that starts tomorrow. we're going to see major cooling tomorrow as this low pressure center moves in over the area. that's not supposed to be there. that's the story. when we come back we're going to show you where the fog is right now, because it's heading into some of the neighbors. people are back on the roads tonight heading home after the long weekend.
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things aren't too bad actually. eastbound and westbound direction moving pretty well. better than they would be for a typical monday. aaa did predict a 10% up tick nationwide over what we saw last year. overnight in the golden gate bridge, as we're heading into the city, things are low, but if you're escaping into marin you're going to have a smoother ride there. about 3.5 million people were expected to take a road trip this weekend. chp will continue their crack down through midnight. 12 people have been killed in dui related accidents, that's up two from last year. 1,360 people have been arrested throughout the state. that's 100 more compared to
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last year. it's an effort all across the country. how the effort faired despite the tough economy. and investigators have been searching for something that may not even be there. may this be the car that gets general motor back on schedule and helps fight pollution. we'll have a look at this new car in just a moment.
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police and volunteers were back at a local landfill this weekend looking for clues of a missing man. they are looking for fredrick sales. day they say he may have met the same fate as his father who was found beaten to death in his home. a huge vote is coming in november, this vote has nothing to do with the candidates. in this case it's customers
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voting with their money for a new chevy. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live tonight in our newsroom with the story. >> reporter: consider it successful, the chevy bolt could be the next bridge technology to the day of true low cost electrics. chevy bolt charges it's own battery and uses a gasoline engine to keep things flowing. the chevy volt will hit the floor in november. >> it was developed after the stimulus. >> reporter: gm got over $65 million of bail out money from congress and the energy department to save itself, retool its plant and develop a breakthrough battery from korea. all which will be integrated
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into a new generation of cars. >> it's a reproduction of the space shuttle. everything from materials, research and fostering and engineering. >> reporter: how does it work? you plug it into a simple outlet. once charged the volt will go 40 miles on the battery. only then does the gasoline engine kick in and only to create electricity. that buys you another 300 miles. now you can drive long range but the volt costs 45,000 miles. nissan's leaf costs less, but doesn't go so far on the charge. the chevy cruise costs $17,000. but gm's betting on the so called iphone effect. people lining up and spending extra just to be the first to get the latest technology and wrap themselves in a blanket of
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green. >> it was general motor's intend to be technology leaders again and the chevy volt is just that. >> reporter: now given it's limited production initially, volt will be a classic collectors car literally from the outside. but for, gm to succeed, enough people have to buy it so that they can put this technology in other cars and license it to other companies so they can equip it with hybrid technology. the prius continues to be the highest sold green car. keeping the car on top for 15 months in a row. sales of the prius have been driven in part by green tax incentives which ends this month. a watch has been issued this evening for the west coast
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of texas and mexico. tropical storm hermine is packing winds at 70 miles per hour. texas officials are warning residents of flash floods while mexican authorities are urging people to move to hurricane shelters. the clean up couldn'ts in nova scotia canada where tropical storm earl came on shore. earl had grown to a category four category last week, threatening the north carolina coast but stayed offshore brushing new england before moving into canada as a a tropical storm. >> what a difference here, this is the best weather we've had all summer. >> we are, we're venturing into fall as we speak. it's not the end of summer yet, unofficially with this weekend, it feels more like fog. first thing you do is look for
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the fog, and it's moving in. within the next 12 hours, it'll probably be as far north as pigeon point and back into the bay area proper. let's go back to the current temperature, you will see as i put in the numbers directly for you. you can see the reds the higher temperatures. you'll see what we have, 80 in san francisco, 80 in concord. 89 up toward napa and fairfield. there's a 93. i'm just throwing temperatures out so you can get a feel of what we're looking at here. 64 out in the peninsula, on the west side of the peninsula there. you see the temperatures on the warm side. with a fall like footprint that will change rapidly. i mentioned that, or eluded to this in the forecast. we've been talking about how cool the summer has been. the jet trough has been in this pattern. that trough pattern was gone today, that's why it became so warm, that trough pattern, that
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low pressure comes back tomorrow. major cooling in your forecast. i'll show it to you here right now. the high pressure gave us the offshore winds. this is pretty standards for this time of year. air quality wasn't the best, but as we move into the next 12 to 24 hours. this high pressure center starts to rotate off to the east and as it does a low pressure center comes right in behind us. a cool weather pattern in the forecast tomorrow with highs tomorrow upper 60s at noontime in san jose. then mid-70s, as we go into the late afternoon, which is way down from the upper 80s we saw yesterday. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. and i'll have a forecast that includes fog that will make it into many neighborhoods. we wrapped up just about 20 minutes ago, but we can tell you that the march of dimes telethon was a huge success. >> $13 million. >> that is beautiful, bay area.
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especially in this day and age and in this economy, the bay area comes through. >> it's the mda telethon that gave up their day to be here in our studios to help. all money raised will go to help the muscular dystrophy association and jerry's kids. and knowing that he died as a hero. a father remembering his son, a peace corp. volunteer. the move that he made seconds before he died that has many calling him a hero. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óiy
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a gun buy back held for former councilman garcia is being called a success. people who turned in guns were given a gift card for $100. 22-year-old garcia was shot to death two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. garcia's family says they organized the event to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals. >> he felt that he was making a
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difference. 24-year-old thomas marescco was teaching science aepbs and math to children. >> and knowing that he died like a hero, it doesn't help, but it's comforting. maresco had joined the peace corp. in november for a one year of service. members of the hill barn theater are thrilled but they're still trying to fig krur out who took the 300-pound antique bell. for 50 year, the solid brass bell was used to send audiences back to their seats during intermission. a construction worker found it at a san leandro salvage yard last week and connected it to
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the theater through an inscription there on the bell. the bay area mcdonals that has raised prices by 50-cents and how some say that's forcing them to go hungry.
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i think it's something that really feels right when it's shared. and it's music to their ears. organizers put together a unique public art project all over san jose. when was the last time you saw anything like this? nearly 25 pianos placed all over the city. maureen naylor is there to
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explain. >> reporter: there's the sounds of tinkering pianos all over the bay area. and you'd be surprised who gets on these pianos. a symphony of sound is filling the bay area in the silican area. impromptu concerts are playing out as part of a new art exhibit called, play me i'm yours. >> piano players are the most derivative of all musicians. it's that we never have pianos to play. >> reporter: the silican valley is the first to get the exhibit, after new york. >> it puts you in a different mind set. >> reporter: from this high school student playing prelude in g minor. to this homeless man playing
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lean on me. every piano is drawing players. all with cars and light rails whizzing by. >> the goal is to place pianos in community meeting places in places where other wise people wouldn't have to speak to each other. >> reporter: where we found these two men that had just met. >> not only is this one of the greatest ideas san jose has ever had. but just the increasing and uprising as everybody wants to play music around here. i think that's one of the huge outlets people can have, which is to play music, it's positive. >> reporter: there's been one sour note on these pianos, there has been some graffiti.
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for locations you can go to maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. some people in san francisco say mcdonalds is trying to discourage homeless people from visiting one of its restaurants by raising prices. the mcdonalds in front of dalton street got rid of the dollar menu. some say that the increase in price is to make it out of reach for homeless people who hang out in front of the mcdonalds.. mcdonald's franchise owner says it was a decision based on several factors. building managers in the past two weeks have restricted musicians can play during the
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saturday's farmers market. some vendors have complainted the musicians are too loud and they drive away customers. building managers have been asking the musicians to go some where else. the musicians say the crack down is affecting the amount of money they make in tips. president obama has unveiled a plan on labor day in milwaukee. >> reporter: president obama laid out his plan to stimulate the economy by pumping $50 million into the nations rs, roads, rail ways and runway. >> we want to set up an infrastructure bank to focus on
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the smallest investments. we're going to continue our target to build high speed rail that reduces harmful emissions. >> reporter: the approval would include a vote from congress. but administration officials admit the program would not create jobs until sometime next year. senator john mccain talked about the adversaries spending on fox news sunday. >> you can argue about jobs, created jobs, but the package, they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. it's now 9.6%, enough said. >> reporter: a senior official said it would consider closing a number of tax a breaks to pay for the proposal.
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mike emmanuel, fox news. labor day celebrates the american workers, but a new ucla study finds that a number of california with union jobs has fallen since last labor day. 18.3% of all workers in the stay were union members. that fell to 17.3% this year. researchers blame the recession which has been hard on private- sector union jobs with over all loss of $1.4 million since 2008. nationwide union jobs fell to 12.1% over the last year. san francisco city workers are paid some of the largest salaries in the state to compensate them for the high cost of living. but a new study by the bay citizen finds a majority of those big salaries is being spent on homes outside san francisco. 57% of all city workers live outside the city. 62% of those making an average of $14,000 live in another
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county. 77% earning an average of $216,000 a year live outside the city. the word censored popped up over the weekend on craigslist. the ads that the website no longer carries and the reaction tonight. and we although that losing weight is hard, but keeping it off even harder. up next, which gender is doing slightly better in the battle to keep the weight off.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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the jet blue flight attendant who told off a plane full of passengers will not try to get his job back. his attorney says he officially resigned last week. he returns to a new york court tomorrow to face charges of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and trespassing. the decision this past weekend by craigslist to stop publishing ads for adult service s is drawing mixed reaction. the website replaced the ads by censored. >> these constitutional ads enable human trafficking, assaults on women, they are rampant and craigslist has lacked the where with all or
5:40 pm
will to effectively screen them out. >> reporter: craigslist gets millions of the dollars for those ads and is not clear tonight whether the removal of the adult ads is temporary or permanent. at this point craigslist has not commented on the move. hertz may be up for a job. hertz is allegedly in talk with oracle. he was forced out of hp last month after being accused of sexual harassment. hertz is not expected to hold the job of ceo. ellison has said he considers h hp's decision one of the worse personnel decisions hp has ever made. losing weight is hard enough, but only a few are able to keep those pounds from coming back. penn state university researchers found that only 1/6 of those who lose significant amounts of weight are able to
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keep it off for more than a year or more. women are 10% more likely to maintain their weight loss. investigators say more research is needed to determine what helps people maintain their weight loss for some time. small amounts of marijuana can relieve chronic pain without making people high. people were given marijuana with a small dose. coming up here, we have breaking news, a man has just climbed a high rise in san francisco.
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>> reporter: call it a casting call, the surprise for people who went fishing today. still ahead. and it is spectacular outside, so what are we looking at for the rest of the week? the five day forecast is coming up in just a moment.
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let's turn now to breaking news. a man has climbed the 58th story millennium square near
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downtown san francisco today. the man climbed that building on 301 mission street without using safety ropes. he just finished the climbs a few minutes ago. mission street was shut down between freemont and beal. we know that the fire department's heavy rescue team was called in as a precaution. you see this man climbing, it looks like he was using suction cups on his hands and feet, but again no safety ropes, after he made it to the top, as he is very close to doing there, the man was arrested by police officers. it was a gift for californians who wanted to go fishing today. the state fishing game offered a great deal but we found that many people didn't even know about it. john fowler joins us now live from san francisco to explain. >> reporter: fishing is all about luck. and it was your lucky day if you went fishing. when the sport fishing boat flash pulled up just an hour ago, three beaming boys from
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cupertino showed off their catch. >> she shout it out, fish on. we started reeling it in. >> reporter: it's free fishing day statewide. at san pablo reservoir, it was packed. >> we expect to be very busy today because of the holiday weekend. but people who wouldn't normally get a chance to fish get to fish out on this day. >> we didn't know it until we got here. we found that we didn't need license, so my wife is going to come down aáepb and join us today. >> great time to go fishing. it's free, you can't complain. >> reporter: the fee is normally $13 a day. the hentrix took full advantage. >> we took the kids away from the iphone and ipods. my wife usually sits back and watches us, but she's going to
5:47 pm
join us today. >> because it's free day and you get to try something that you don't normally do. >> i like fishing because you can relax and catch cool things. >> reporter: just hang out, connect with family and nature. >> i like to be outdoors more than inside. >> just a nice way to spend the day, talking, chatting. >> reporter: fishing can help create special memories that last. >> i like to reel it in. but i, i think my daddy told me i caught fish when i was little. >> reporter: this was the second of two free fishing days this ye. state fish and game says it will announce next year's free fishing day this coming spring. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. vector control officials are issuing a warning about west nile virus after two dead animals tested positive for that disease. the virus was found in a squirrel and a raven this past
5:48 pm
month. vector control's advising people to report dead birds and squirrels to authorities. west mile is usually spread through bites from infected mosquitoes. coming up it started with a fishing trip, it ended up with a father under arrest and a son recovering from dozens of stab wounds. bad behavior, it's not just the dogs that are fighting at this park. it's the owners, what led a 69- year-old woman to try to bite and scratch a younger man. also ahead, volunteers gave up their holiday today to continue searching through a landfill for a possible fifth victim from that killing rampage. tonight the letterhead they found that's helping them, even if it's not connected to this case. plus the heated dispute involvincameras from the state capital. and a move by security guards that started it all. we'll see you at 6:00. park rangers and life
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guards have a reminder for beachgoers on this holiday. it is shark season. a great white was seen feeding on a sea lion in linda mar beach. state wildlife officials say great white shark sightings have spiked this summer. you may recall there was also a shark spotted in bodega bay last thursday. we're seeing a lot of people at the coast, inland enjoying this day. our chief meteorologist bill martin tells us, you really couldn't go wrong today, could you. >> this is the time of the year when the sharks come closer to our waters. it's ironic that we have our best beach weather starting right now. this is right when the sharks start coming back from the pacific and headed our way. most of the reason i think they come in is for the pupping season, for the seals that are having babies out on the beaches there. here's what we have outside. the fog is not in yet. there's the fog, it's going to suck it's way right up the coast. that's going to change your day
5:50 pm
tomorrow with cooler weather in the forecast. today was the warmest day of the week without question. tomorrow will be as cool, as much as 10, maybe 15 degrees cooler in some places. this feature is back, this is the feature that has given us a very cool summer. average in many bay area cities as we've talked about in our newscast. it comes back, this time it's a little stronger. temperatures may pull on it, might see a drizzle out of this. not a huge deal, but the main impact for us, it'll be cooler highs. they start tomorrow. forecast highs, heat in the valley. and then see the cool bite of air coming in here. so those greens are your 60s. tomorrow's forecast cooling by 10, 15 degrees in some cases. 77 in vallejo, now with all this, the fire danger will drop back down. the air quality will get better, and temperatures are just going to be mild, and very
5:51 pm
cool with dense fog right along the coast. so be prepared for that tomorrow morning on the great highway. the fog is going to come in. it has a shallow inversion and it's going to stick. 78 walnut creek, 78 in concord, they were up in the mid-90s today. get the picture, if you need heat tomorrow, you'll find it. for the bay area proper, 86 in morgan hill. i would expect this time of year morgan hill in the low and mid-80s. air quality is better as i mentioned, along the coast, the fog is going to be in. not right away. it'll get here early in the morning. it's working its way up the coast. by tomorrow morning, the fog will be all the way up to stinson beach. and temperatures from the 70s and 60s into the 50s. your forecast next week, here's the event, tuesday night into wednesday. that system drops real close to us. if you're up in the mountains or have plans in the high
5:52 pm
sierra you may see the changes there. forecasting rains, some of the models suggest sprinkles. i would go with more clouds certainly and just a cooler pattern. but this unusual weather continues as we move into next week. which by tomorrow, it's going to be like a completely different month. >> we had a good run. >> we had a good run. especially on a holiday weekend, it's nice to have nice weather. he's 11 years old and doctors saved his life. now he's found a way to give back. it's called mikey's meals.
5:53 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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the assassination drama with george clooney, the american took first place. takers was second, machete dropped to third. an 11-year-old boy who just two years ago received a liver transplant is now paying it forward if you will in a very big way. >> i just wanted to give back because of what the donor gave to me, the gift of life.
5:56 pm
>> the nonprofit group mikey's meals put on a free bar-b-q. it's all the brain child of mikey jr. michael or mikey decided that he wanted to help feed the less fortunate. his mother is the director of the organization. >> we don't treat the people we feed as less fortunate. when they come here, they are one of us. >> reporter: the effort grew and is now licensed. in addition to the bar-b-q today, the group also handed out school supplies for the new school year. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is coming up next.
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>> reporter: the search for a missing hercules man continues today. what investigators say they found at a landfill that they say will help them with that search.
5:58 pm
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what a spectacle in san francisco, within the past hour a man climbing up one of the tallest buildings in the city. what he was trying to prove and what he unfolded when he got to the top. it's a case of biting, fighting and bad manners at a local dog park. but witnesses say it's not the dogs that are misbehaving. and now there's a plan to limit the altercation. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank sollerville. we begin tonight with developing news in san francisco where a man is now under arrest after scaling a tower. he started out just after 2:00 this afternoon. he ignored orders from police to stop and made it to the top about 5:30 where he

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